NMM: Cosmos & Creature

This week’s new music feature is all about a duo that’s doing big things right away in its young existence. Founded in 2014, Cosmos & Creature is a progressive pop duo based in Los Angeles, Calif. The name comes from the idea of how big the universe is, how small we are and how it all works together in perfect harmony. The music taps into this ideal in a creative and beautiful way, which has resulted in a solid social media following and millions of streams on Spotify for the duo.

Each half of Cosmos & Creature – Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore – has already made a name for his or herself in the industry. In addition to his solo work, Burnette has several songwriting credits, including co-writing a No. 1 hit for Canadian punk/pop quartet, Hedley, which earned a Juno Award nomination for Single of the Year. Moore has also done solo work (her song “Piece of My Heart” hit No. 1 on the iTunes Dance Chart) and songwriting. One such songwriting credit being Lea Michele’s 2017 tune, “Letting Go.” After discovering her music, Burnette met up with Moore at the Hotel Café in Hollywood in 2014 and later joined forces on each other’s solo projects before ultimately creating their own music. By now, you’re probably saying, “Hey Chris. Why is Brandyn Burnette such a familiar name?” Well, friends, Burnette is no stranger to my blog. In fact, I became a fan of his two years ago. I knew after hearing the infectious rhythms, incredible songwriting and spellbinding vocals in his songs that I had to feature him on my blog – and I did just that, here and here. The same can be said for Moore. She followed me on social media a while back and I began to listen to her music. I was instantly enthralled by her creative ability just as much as Burnette’s. When I discovered that the two had joined together to form Cosmos & Creature, I knew it was going to be magical.

Cosmos & Creature hit the music scene big with its breakout tune “Young” which garnered Burnette and Moore a collective 36 million streams on Spotify. The success of “Young” also kickstarted the duo’s signing with PRMD Music and a tour. Building off of that success, Cosmos & Creature recently released a new tune entitled “Bad Drug” which is the lead single off a forthcoming EP. I tell ya, folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Have a listen to “Bad Drug” below…

And be sure to check out Cosmos & Creature at the following places…

FacebookInstagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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