My Friday Five: On Hurricane Harvey, Another Bulls Record & Mystery Flavor Oreos(?)

1. Hurricane Harvey

My heart breaks seeing my friends in Texas and along the Gulf Coast dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Particularly in Houston. The images I’ve seen of water up to rooftops and highways looking like oceans has been hard to deal with. However, with bad always comes good. The outpouring of love and support for the victims has been incredible. From a kid selling lemonade and a furniture store owner forgoing profits to open up his stores for shelter, to celebrities donating millions of dollars to the relief efforts, it has been wonderful to see!

I’ve given to the relief efforts and plan on giving more. I hope you will too, if you can. Click here to find out how YOU can help!  

2. College Football Is BACK

Prepare thyselves, college football has returned! This is the first big weekend and I’m totally stoked! Both N.C. State and UNC get their respective seasons underway on Saturday, so it’ll be a good day for me. I also plan on going to a couple games for each of my teams this season, which is always fun! And, of course, it wouldn’t be right unless I share with you one of my all-time favorite college football memories…

3. Another Bulls Record

In the words of DJ Khaled: Another one.

The Durham Bulls set yet another record this season. The team welcomed more than 10,000 fans in each of its final four home games of the season, totaling 42,206. The mark tops a previous record of 38,733 which was set in June 2015, according to the franchise. The IL South Division Champions will have a few more chances to break records, with two home playoff games coming up on September 6 and 7 and, potentially, two more the week after.

4. @MulattoLee on T.V.

This is cool! A high school friend of mine, Brandon Cook (a.k.a. MulattoLee), made his television debut on Tuesday night. Brandon has become quite the online personality, garnering more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and more than 6.5 million views on YouTube. I remember Brandon mentioning on Facebook about some opportunities that had opened up for him and was stoked to find out that one of those was appearing on truTV’s You Can Do Better – a lifestyle-type show that deals with a variety of topics.

Congrats, Brandon! Proud of you, dude!

Watch the episode of You Can Do Better featuring Brandon here.


5. Oreo Mystery Flavor?

Is Oreo releasing a mystery flavor? No official word yet but, according to an article from Today and a post on Instagram from @TheJunkFoodAisle, this could actually be a thing. What’s more? Oreo could offer a whopping $50,000 to the person who can correctly identify the mystery flavor. Now THAT would be awesome!


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