My Friday Five: On A Message About Bullying, State Fair Photo Competition & Apple’s Keynote

1. Amazing Message on Bullying

A few months ago, I saw a video in the “Trending” section on YouTube. It was of a kid, named Luke Chacko, singing “Let It Go” at an Idina Menzel concert. Let’s get this straight, he didn’t just sing it, he SANG it. There’s a difference. Ellen DeGeneres invited Luke to be a guest on her show this week, where he reprised his remarkable “Let It Go” performance and delivered an incredible message on bullying. Take a look!

2. Help Me Choose

With the N.C. State Fair about a month away, it’s time to brush up on my photography skills and pick the best photo to enter in this year’s photography competition. Since fair officials never disclose any information on what the judges are looking for, I always pick a photo and hope for the best. Each year, I also try to involve YOU, my loyal readers. The options are in the slideshow below. Let me know which one – or ones – are your fave in the comments!

3. AGT Finals Are Set

It’s hard to believe it but the America’s Got Talent Finals are just a few days away! The remainder of the 10 finalists who will compete for the $1 million prize were announced during Wednesday’s results show. The finalists include five singers and five non-singers (give or take, depending on how you classify Darci Lynne), which should provide an interesting battle next week. The finalists include: Diavolo (an acrobatic dance crew)Evie Clair (a singer), Darci Lynne Farmer (a singing ventriloquist), Chase Goehring (a singer-songwriter), Angelica Hale (a singer), Mandy Harvey (a singer), Kechi (a singer), Preacher Lawson (a comedian) Light Balance (an illumination dance crew) and Sara and Hero (a dog act).

Who do you think will win? Drop me a line in the comments! Catch the Finals Tuesday and Wednesday on NBC.

4. Apple Keynote Highlights

Apple held a much-anticipated keynote on Tuesday. The event took place at the newly constructed Steve Jobs Theater and featured some awesome product updates. The star of the show, by far, was the iPhone X (not “X” but “10”). It was announced alongside a new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, as well as an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

I have to say, I’m so stoked for the iPhone X. I’m not a person who typically buys an iPhone or whatnot right when it’s released but I will be getting one soon. It looks too cool not to. Plus, Apple products are one of the (if not the) most reliable on the market.

Didn’t catch the Apple Keynote? This article from The Verge sums up everything from the event.

5. Thanks for Sticking with Me

I wanted to write a a quick note of thanks to you for reading my blog and sharing with friends, family, co-workers, your dog or cat. Whoever it may be, thank you. Your support means more than you can imagine, truthfully. That being said, I know the posts have just consisted of “Friday Fives” as of late, but I plan on changing that and posting more consistently on here. Feel free to message me with any post ideas or thoughts.

Thanks for Reading 

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Mari!


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