My Friday Five: On Puddles Pity Party, Greg Olsen’s Return & ‘Hey, Arnold!’

1. In Case You Missed It… 

Make sure to check out my previous post where I share my gratitude to UNC’s Austin Proehl. I’m really proud of what I wrote and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. 

2. Crazy Week Ahead

Smack dab in between two rehearsals and six sold out shows for the Living Christmas Tree at my church, I’ll be heading to Chapel THRILL to see UNC Basketball take on Michigan for the Big 10/ACC Challenge. But even more exciting than the game itself is I get to see a person I’ve been a fan of for several years: Christian Stoinev. The talented guy who’s performed all over and was a finalist on America’s Got Talent a few years ago is performing the halftime show at the Smith Center. It’s going to be an epic night so stay tuned!

3. Puddles in Raleigh

Speaking of AGTPuddles Pity Party made a stop in Raleigh in support of a national tour. I had no idea what to expect with this show but the clown with a golden voice surely didn’t disappoint. Before the show even began, there was a commotion going on to the left of me in the balcony area. It was Puddles! He came up to us to visit for a few minutes before heading down to the stage. From there on, Puddles’ show consists of a variety of little sketches and music-less moments, audience participation and beautiful renditions of a wide array of songs. My favorite part has to be when Puddles pulled a gentleman from the audience and had him do karaoke to the hit song “All By Myself.” We all joined in with him later. After the near two-hour performance, Puddles invited all who were interested for “Free Puddles Cuddles” and photos. It was my first time seeing Puddles live and it definitely won’t be my last. Check out some photos below!

4. He’s Baaaacccckkkk! 

Greg Olsen is about to make his long awaited return. The Carolina Panthers’ tight end was placed on the injured reserve list after a foot injury in week two. Today, ESPN reported that Olsen is officially listed as healthy and will most likely make his return on Sunday as the Panthers battle the New York Jets.

5. Speaking of Comebacks

Hey, Arnold! is BACK, ladies and gents!  The Nickelodeon cartoon, which ran from 1994-2004, has returned with an all new movie. Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie is a rebirth and picks up where the hit series left off, solving the mystery of what happened to Arnold’s parents. I’m watching it at the time of this post publishing and will have a review of it soon!

Thanks for Reading 

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