A Full Circle Moment

You know, this wild ride that is called life can be a beautiful thing.

About three years ago, I tuned in to America’s Got Talent like I had many times before. There was a performer on the show named Christian Stoinev. His act and showmanship impressed me and he easily became one of my favorites. He finished as a top-12 finalist that season and I’ve continued to follow his journey after that time, becoming what I guess you’d call “social media pals” with him and having several convos on Twitter.

All the while, I knew I wanted to see Christian perform in person. He performs at several events throughout the country and the world(?) including college basketball and NBA halftime shows. One day I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be perfect to get Christian to perform for one of my favorite teams: UNC?!? Lord knows how many times I tweeted and emailed UNC Basketball and UNC Athletics during the past few years in an effort to get Christian to Chapel Hill. In September, I received a message from Christian on Twitter saying he was going to perform at the Heels’ game against Michigan on November 29.

I couldn’t believe it! I was stoked that all the tweets and emails had paid off and I was going to finally see Christian perform. But I wouldn’t just get to see the performance. I had the opportunity to hang out with him for a bit after the game as well! See the gallery below for more!

I’ve already said it (probably more than I need to) but I want to give a huge shoutout to Christian. He geniunely appreciates those who support him, not only by saying “thank you” but by showing his appreciation in tangible ways. Like his performance at the Carolina game.

Life can be an awesome thing, friends. I’m just a typical person who became a fan of a dude I saw on a television competition series. I followed him on Twitter, struck up conversations with him and supported him, regardless of if he ever got to perform at UNC or anywhere else in North Carolina. Then I actually was given the opportunity to see him perform and, better yet, hang out with him afterward.

It was a full circle moment that I will never forget!

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