My Friday Five: On Trump’s Comments, Fossil Closing & More Panthers News

1. Regarding Trump’s Comments

It only took about 15 seconds for CNN anchor, Don Lemon, to perfectly summarize the attitudes and feelings of many Americans regarding our current political affairs.

Trump’s latest ridiculous action broke news this week when he begged the question, reportedly during a meeting on immigration at the White House, of why the United States needed to accept immigrants from “sh*thole countries” and accept more immigrants from “countries like Norway” instead. It has widely been reported that by saying “sh*thole countries” Trump was referring to Haiti and some African countries.

When I learned of what Trump said, I was outraged but, unfortunately, not surprised. He has a history of saying things related to this. What immediately popped into my head was how can anyone defend this? To my fellow Christians out there who voted and/or still support him today: what say you? Frankly, I dare you to defend this. 

Friends, I’m tired of the unequivocal nonsense taking place in what should be the most distinguished office in our country. I’m tired of hearing a new, racially charged or otherwise insensitive phrase being spewed out of the President of the United States’ mouth seemingly every day or every week. I’m tired of Trump’s supporters engaging in mental gymnastics all in the name of defending him and his actions.

Enough is enough.

P.S. Now more than ever, you need to go out and VOTE! Rock The Vote is an excellent resource to find out more information on how to register, laws in your particular state and more! 

2. Fossil in Durham Has Closed

I decided to head out to Southpoint Mall in Durham on Tuesday. As I was walking in the mall, I noticed the Fossil store had its windows covered up and most of its signage taken down. I had hoped it only meant a renovation was underway for one of Southpoint’s original tenants but, unfortunately, this was not the case.

I contacted Fossil and received confirmation that the store had closed its doors for good. The store was just open during the holiday season and closed with no warning. There was no real explanation from the company, either, as detailed below.

I know it’s just a store but it had meaning to me. I’ve been a customer of not only this particular store but Fossil as a whole for at least 15 years. We’re talking middle school, folks. I’m 25, now, and currently own both a Fossil watch and belt. The watch is where this store truly had meaning. My grandma on my dad’s side gave me the Fossil watch I currently own as a gift when I graduated from N.C. State in 2014. The store itself was the only full blown Fossil store in the Triangle and the watch, of course, came from there. My grandma has been gone from this world for about two years and now the store is gone too. It was a hard pill to swallow at Southpoint Tuesday, no question. 

It’s a crying shame that the powers that be are okay with upsetting – and losing – longtime customers all in the name of a buck. That’s what it boils down to. I most definitely will no longer purchase any products from Fossil. After purchasing products from them since middle school. I guess from now on I’ll turn to any and all of Fossil’s competitors.

3. Another Season Finished

In case you mssed it, I shared some thoughts on the Carolina Panthers’ season and invite you to check it out!

In other Panthers news related to this topic, the team decided to part ways with Offensive Coordinator Mike Shula and Quarterbacks Coach Ken Dorsey. Carolina announced Friday that veteran NFL coach, Norv Turner, will join as offensive coordinator. I never like to see someone lose his or her job but a change was desparately needed. Hopefully Turner can right the ship in Charlotte.

4. New Seats at Kenan

At long last, Kenan Stadium will trade in its outdated, metal bleacher seats for individual, chair back seats in beautiful Carolina blue! The university began a pilot program for the seats in two sections of Kenan this past season. The seats received overwhelmingly positive feedback, according to UNC officials, so they will be expanded to the rest of the stadium with plans for the project to be completed before the start of the 2018 season.

I tried the new seats out for myself at a game this past season and absolutely loved them! They are a welcomed change from squeezing into the bleacher seats. And having little leg room. And getting a sunburn from the reflection of the bleachers on sunny days. The new seats were more comfortable, with arm rests to boot, providing added leg room. Decent leg room is always a plus for me! Paging N.C. State: It’s long past time for Carter-Finley Stadium to follow suit. 😉

5. Bulls Launch Spanish Language Twitter 

A quick – and very cool – note. The Durham Bulls have launched a new, Spanish language Twitter account. The new handle @Toros_de_Durham, will provide updates and Bulls news like its companion @DurhamBulls. Pretty cool!

Thanks for Reading

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