The Farewell

I saw promos on social media and in my inbox about a big event for Elton John, which would also serve as an announcement. Who knew it would be this…

Elton is retiring from tour life. 

You read that right. The news took me by surprise, although I knew it would happen someday. Dubbed the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour” it’s set to be a massive shindig, hitting more than 300 cities in five continents over the next three years.

Seeing him perform in person is something you never forget. My first ever Elton John experience was at his last show in Raleigh, N.C. back in 2012. He put on a three-hour concert playing just about every song he wrote, I swear. Dancing in the aisles. Seeing his glistening piano and a spit bucket perched to its side. Elton giving an “Are you not entertained?” look as he finished each song. It was a magical evening for sure. About a year after the show, Elton held a Facebook Q&A regarding the release of his album The Diving Board and he answered my question. Make sure to check out my blog post about it here. It’s still one of the most read posts on Reflections.

I’m so glad I saw him live and I may get another shot at it. Elton’s farewell tour is coming to Raleigh again in March 2019. Tickets go on sale in a couple weeks and I’m totally ready for it! You can find all of the info about the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour here

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