My Friday Five: On UNC’s Park Lecture, #Pack9 & Krispy Kreme

1. Park Lecture at UNC

I had the opportunity to attend the UNC School of Media and Journalism’s 20th annual Park Lecture on Thursday. If you click on the link I’ve provided, you’ll notice who the keynote speaker was: Tucker Carlson. The – often – outspoken Fox News host has several beliefs that I do not agree with. I also have strong opinions about Fox News as a whole. That said, I do try my best to keep an open mind and hear arguments from all sides. Another reason I attended was to support Jordan Fieulleteau, a former UNC Football wise receiver who, according to his bio, is an aspiring politician and is studying strategic communications as a part of the MJ School’s masters program. Jordan is also a part of the distinguished Roy H. Park Fellowship program at the school.

As a UNC Football fan, I knew of Jordan and followed him on Twitter. Over the past several months, I have taken notice at the great work he’s doing and he and I have become, sort of, Twitter pals during this time. Jordan tweeted out an invitation to attend the Park Lecture event as he would be participating in the panel discussion on stage and I definitely wanted to support him in that. If you know me at all, you know I’ve always been a political/journalistic guy anyway so I knew this would be right up my alley. All in all, it was a very interesting program. While I didn’t see eye to eye with many of Tucker’s beliefs, I really liked the questions asked of him by Jordan and his fellow panelists. It was a truly thought provoking discussion and I’m glad I was able to attend.

2. #Pack9 on a Roll!

The N.C. State Baseball team has come virtually out of nowhere to amass a 26-6 record overall with an 11-4 tally in ACC play and the No. 2 ranking in the nation. The Pack keeps winning series after series and has a big series this weekend against Notre Dame before meeting UNC for the Duel at the DBAP on Tuesday. Go Pack!

3. Raleigh’s Krispy Kreme Sold

News broke earlier this week that the property that houses the famed Krispy Kreme, located at Person Street in Raleigh, was sold for $4.7 million. The Person Street location has been serving up hot doughnuts since 1970 and is also the anchor for the annual Krispy Kreme Challenge benefit race. News of the sale sent shockwaves on the local Internet scene. But have no fear, friends, you’ll still be able to get those Sunday dozens! Krispy Kreme signed a lease guaranteeing the shop will stay put for 20 years. According to WRAL, the terms of the lease indicate Krispy Kreme will rent the property for the next 20 years, with four options of five years each to extend it.

4. Everything Sucks Cancelled

Netflix announced earlier this week that an original show Everything Sucks would not be renewed for a second season. This was met with tons of backlash on social media and – you guessed it – I’m not happy about it either. I saw several advertisements about the show and gave it a try. What I received was a brilliant series.

One could describe Everything Sucks as a coming-of-age series, but it’s so much more than that. The series includes a diversified cast and features an, oftentimes, funny and dramatic storyline. The sheer chemistry between cast members on screen is exquisite as well.

As a fan of the show who believes it should not have been cancelled, I’ve taken time to tweet and write Netflix to share my frustration. Many of my fellow Everything Sucks fans have done the same. Hopefully Netflix officials will listen. 

5. Beef Over Repeat HQ Winner

Fans of the hit trivia game app, HQ, are crying foul after it appeared one user kept winning games. The user, Scott Menke, has reportedly won several games recently and other players have taken note. Making players even more suspicious is Menke’s profile picture on the app, which depicts him with HQ host Scott Rogowsky. Menke took to Twitter to explain things.

It is rather suspicious to me as well but who knows? Heck, I wonder if Menke could offer up some better tips on how to win HQ? I still have yet to get even close to winning haha!

P.S. If you’d like to join in on the HQ fun, sign up here and use my code TheeCDubz!

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