Review: Uncle Drew

We all need a little laughter and Charles Stone, III’s Uncle Drew provides plenty of it. But did it make the cut in my book? Read further to find out.

The film, based on the widely popular series of commercials, focuses on Dax (Lil Rel Howery) who drains his life savings to enter a team into the Rucker Classic streetball tournament. Dax deals with a series of setbacks, however, including losing his team to childhood rival Mookie (Nick Kroll). Determined to win the tournament and its $100,000 prize, Dax hears a story about Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving), an astronomically good basketball player of his time. After being thrown out of his girlfriend’s house, Dax happens to stumble upon a street court where Uncle Drew is challenging a younger player to one-on-one (and wins). Impressed, Dax encourages Uncle Drew to help him get a team together and the pit set out on a journey to recruit some of Uncle Drew’s teammates from back in the day. After some convincing, the team enters the Rucker. But the question is, can Dax overcome his childhood embarrassments to ultimately win?

As I said in the opening, Uncle Drew has plenty to offer in the laughs department. Plus, it has an all-star cast featuring Kyrie, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, SHAQ, and Aaron Gordon. What the film unfortunately doesn’t deliver on is an exciting plot. In fact, the plot is one-dimensional and there was no true character development, save Dax. The acting was okay overall, although I will say that SHAQ steals the show as Big Fella. Bottomline, Uncle Drew is a feel-good film that’ll provide the comic relief, but don’t expect much beyond that. I’d recommend waiting until it releases to digital.

I Give It A: C+

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