NMM: Kina Grannis

Boasting 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, this week’s feature is on an outstanding singer/songwriter: Kina Grannis. She just released a new album and it’s truly a work of art.

I’ve been a fan of Grannis for quite a while, now, and for good reason. As I said at the beginning, the California native has garnered quite the following on social media, which has helped her take off as an artist. In 2008, Grannis won the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, which awarded her commercial spots during Super Bowl XLII and a recording deal with Interscope Records. Now creating as an independent artist, she has started her own record label, KG Records and released killer tunes in the process.

In the Waiting is the sixth studio offering from Grannis and I feel it is some of her best work to date. Each of the album’s 10 tracks takes listeners into a glorious world only she can create, providing wonderfully-crafted, soothing tunes. My personal favorite is “History” which is just a mesmerizing song that truly speaks to the sheer talent Grannis exudes in her craft. I mean, even the official music video for the song is beautifully-crafted. Don’t believe me? Check out “History” below and grab a copy of this ridiculously-talented lady’s new album for yourself!

P.S. Kina Grannis will be performing at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro on August 6. 


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