My Friday Five: On Friends, ‘Code Black’ & A Stranger Things Night Recap

1. Musings on Being a True Friend

I wanted to kick things off on this Friday with something that has been on my mind a lot as of late. A reminder, if you will, to not only be kind to your friends but be a true friend as well. If you’re a real one, don’t just come around when you need something and act like everything is all hunky-dory. Ask the person how he or she is doing. If you haven’t talked in a while, see what’s new in the person’s life. Offer to meet with them for lunch or offer to hang out. It really goes a long way.

2. #SaveCodeBlack

The series finale of Code Black aired on Wednesday night. CBS officials pulled the plug on its medical drama in May and it has not been sitting well with fans. There is a campaign on social media, simply called #SaveCodeBlack, in an effort to save the program. Of course, I’ve been all over this and took things a step further. Last week, I typed up and sent out letters to CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu detailing three key reasons why Code Black should be saved. Those reasons are as follows:

The Quality of the Show and Its Cast: This has been a methodically-written series that takes viewers’ emotions on a thrilling roller coaster ride with each episode. But it does not just do that. Michael Seitzman and his team ingeniously weave the intense emotion of an emergency room with real life scenarios, and even a touch of lightheartedness. The cast provides exquisite performances in every single episode. Some of the best performances I have seen, in fact. 

Cast Members Treat Fans Like Family: One of the greatest parts about this show is how cast members interact with fans on a daily basis. I have become social media pals with the likes of Tyler Perez, who plays Dr. Diego Avila, on the show. Several other cast members – including Luis Guzman, Ben Hollingsworth, and Rob Lowe – interact with fans as well. It’s an added, personal touch that not all fans of other show can enjoy.

Ratings Have Actually Grown Over Time: Google Code BlackRatings or the like and you will find several articles telling how, week after week, the show has not only maintained its viewership but grown those numbers. One example is an article from Douglas Pucci of Programming Insider reporting that Code Black was the No. 1 broadcast network program in “Live+3-Day Raw Gains Among Total Viewers” for the week of June 25, raking in 8.234 million viewers in this time frame.

I guess only time will tell if all of our efforts have paid off. In the meantime, I will no longer watch CBS programming. Yes, that includes Survivor and The Amazing Race, two shows I’ve been a fan of for several years. 

3. #StrangerThingsNight = 🔥🔥🔥

It’s hard to believe that Stranger Things Night at the Durham Bulls happened a week ago today. Let me tell ya, it was a blast! From seeing fellow fans dressed up as their favorite characters from the show, to beloved mascot Wool E. Bull dressing up as beloved character Sheriff Jim Hopper, to having a moment of silence for fallen fan favorites Bob and Barb, it was a night to remember! I’ve been to countless Bulls games in my life, but this was the best theme night the organization has put on ever. Hopefully, we have a part two next year – and maybe the Duffer Brothers or even some cast members could join us!

P.S. Did I mention that my social media post with photos from the night made it into an article that was published by Durham Bulls officials online?!? Check it out here

4. Latest Film Review

In case you missed it, I posted my review of the Fred Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? It was an excellent film and my pick for film of the year. Read more here.

5. NMM Featuring Kina Grannis

Also, I posted a fresh “New Music Monday” featuring talented singer/songwriter, Kina Grannis. Check it out here

Thanks for Reading

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