My Friday Five: On A Former Professor, Pan-Pacs & A $13 Mistake

1. Way to Go, Dr. Bush!

A former professor and advisor of mine from N.C. State, Dr. Kim Bush, was featured on the N.C. State College of Natural Resources Instagram page this week. Dr. Bush competed for the USA Field Hockey Women’s Over-40 Team at the 2018 FIH Masters World Cup in Spain. The post also mentioned that she scored a goal for Team USA! Dr. Bush was probably my favorite professor at N.C. State. She is a great person and was always willing to help us out with classes, projects, etc. whenever she was able to. She made my undergrad experience in Raleigh really great. Congrats, Dr. Bush!


2. Wolfpack Swimmers at 2018 Pan-Pacs

Speaking of the Pack, a trio of N.C. State swimmers are competing in the 2018 Pan-Pacific Championships in Tokyo, Japan this week. Hannah Moore, Alexia Zevnik, and Justin Ress will be competing in various events through the weekend. Ress and Moore for Team USA and Zevnik for Team Canada. Congrats and best of luck to you all!

3. A $13 Mistake

I’m always up to try new places, so I decided to give Built Custom Burgers at the Streets of Southpoint Mall in Durham a try. I’ll tell you upfront, it was not worth the money. For starters the restaurant’s website – at least the mobile version – sucks. I tried looking at the menu and pricing, but couldn’t really navigate to those pages.

When I got there, I tried the Panther Club – a chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and honey mustard. My chicken sandwich was sloppily put together, almost falling out of its wrapper. The sandwich was also very small for the price. I’m not a fast eater, but I finished it in five minutes. Yea, it was that tiny. The tater tots I ordered with my meal – by the way they charge a la carte for sides and drinks – fell out of the tray they were in and in the bag. Taste wise, they were meh overall. At $13 for a sandwich, tots, and drink; I felt that I did not get my money’s worth. I could have gone to a full service restaurant and had a better meal for about the same price. Heck, I could’ve gone to a fast food joint and gotten a better meal for half the price. Don’t waste your time and money at this place.

4. Football’s Back

NFL Preseason football is here! My Panthers took on Buffalo on Thursday night and walked away with a 28-23 victory! I know it’s preseason, but it was great to see my team get the dub and great to have football back!

5. Two Exciting Events

Im so stoked for two exciting events coming up next week: the Wyndham Championship and Mat Franco! As you may (or may not) know, I volunteered at the Wyndham Championship in 2015 and have attended as a fan ever since. I especially like going to the practice round and will be doing so again this year. It’s a cool experience because there is hardly anyone there and you can almost walk right up to the PGA pros and get autographs, pictures, etc. I’m especially stoked for the ever-growing field of players, which includes Matt Fitzpatrick and Joaquin Neimann, two guys I’ve followed for quite sometime.

The other event is Mat Franco at Carolina Theatre in Durham. Mat became the first magician to win America’s Got Talent a few years back. I’ve always wanted to see him live, but it always seemed like he never performed in North Carolina – that is – until now! He’ll make a stop at Carolina Theatre on Tuesday and I can’t wait to not only see him perform live but meet him as well! Stay tuned to my Twitter and Insta for photos and more from these events!

Thanks for Reading

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