My Friday Five: On Honoring A Hero, An Update From Last Week, And A Bulls Repeat

1. Honoring John McCain

John McCain – hero, servant, patriot. It was extremely saddening to hear of his death. Although he was not perfect (none of us are), nor did I agree with his politics, I still respected him. Frankly, I believe he was one of the few good people left in our political culture. John McCain will truly be missed.

2. Update

I wanted to give you all an update on what I posted regarding Tuft & Needle’s merger last week. Apparently, co-founder John-Thomas Marino, read the blog post and responded to it via Twitter (thread below). I responded back, elaborating my thoughts. Once again, I guess only time will tell if this “merger” truly works out as the T&N folks say.

3. Bulls Are IL South Champs – Again

The Durham Bulls clinched yet another International League South Division crown by virtue of its win against Charlotte on Wednesday night. Durham now has earned its 14th division title in 21 seasons in the International League. Incredible!

P.S. Special shoutout to Austin Meadows, who went 4-4 with three (yes, three) home runs in Wednesday’s game.

4. Fantasy Football

Football season is here and that means it’s time for some fantasy football. My fantasy league held its draft earlier today and I’m happy with my squad overall, which includes the one-two punch of Cam Newton and Deshaun Watson; plus a great RB duo of David Johnson and Christian McCaffrey. Look forward to seeing how it all shakes out!

5. Pack & Heels Kick Off Saturday

Speaking of football both N.C. State and UNC kick off their seasons on Saturday. The Pack will take on James Madison in Raleigh at noon, while the Heels travel to sunny California to go up against the Cal Bears at 4 p.m. Go Pack and Heels!

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