My Friday Five: On Late Night With Roy, Starting A New Season, And The Willis Clan

1. Late Night With Roy TONIGHT

It’s that time once again. Late Night with Roy is BACK. The annual kickoff for basketball season should be a blast yet again. Tar Heel great Antawn Jamison will co-host the event so it should be a blast! Keep an eye on my Insta and Twitter for more.

2. A New Season

With Wolfpack Games done, N.C. State Swimming and Diving will officially start its season tonight at South Carolina. The Pack is poised for another strong year and I can’t wait to support the team every step of the way. I may even head over to enemy territory – Duke – to see State take on the Blue Devils in a meet on October 20.  Stay tuned!

3. The Willis Clan in North Carolina

On Saturday, I finally get the opportunity to see The Willis Clan perform live! The family band will be performing in Franklin, N.C. and I’ll be heading up that way to see them perform after supporting them for many years. I’m super stoked for it!

4. NCAA Rejects Benefit Game

File this under “Stupidity” – because it totally qualifies. The UNC and South Carolina basketball programs collectively decided to hold a scrimmage at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte as a benefit game supporting Hurricane Florence relief efforts. According to multiple reports, the NCAA rejected the proposal. According to the Charleston Post Courier, teams are allowed to have two exhibition games per season. Both UNC sand South Carolina has two games already scheduled and wanted to add this as a third but, alas, college sports’ “governing body” said no.

This is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. Particularly since the NCAA granted hurricane relief games in the past, according to the Post Courier.  You can’t tell me, rules and all, that the NCAA could not make the proper arrangements to accommodate this benefit game. And, with numerous local and national media outlets calling out the NCAA for this dumb decision, it’s just another extremely poor look – but what else is new?

5. Ramos to Star as Usnavi

The In the Heights film adaptation has its Usnavi. Anthony Ramos, who has played the lead role in stage productions of ITH as well as a main role in the original Broadway production of Hamilton, was officially locked in as the film’s Usnavi. Ramos has really burst onto the scene in recent weeks, shining in roles in two films currently playing theaters nationwide: A Star is Born as well as Monsters and Men. As you’ll read on the blog soon, Ramos was truly outstanding in both films and I can’t wait to see him as Usnavi in the ITH adaptation.

Thanks for Reading

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