NMM (Revisited): The Willis Clan

It’s been three years since I featured some new music from The Willis Clan on my blog. Let’s see what the family band is up to!

The band decided to take a couple years off to focus on – an unfortunately well-publicized – familial situation. But, they are back in full force with new tunes and shows throughout the country. Speak My Mind, the group’s latest release, was inspired from the tough events of the past two years and offers messages of healing and hope. The Willis Clan has also been touring in support of its new album, which included a stop in Franklin, N.C. on Saturday. More on that in a second.

About four years ago, I first saw The Willis Clan on America’s Got Talent. They were amazing on the show and such kind, down-to-earth people. I knew I had to see them live at some point. That time finally came on Saturday. I made the five hour one way trek to Franklin to see the group perform. Let me tell ya, it was everything I could have hoped for and more! I already knew the Willis’ were super talented, but seeing that talent be expressed on stage was incredible. The set list featured a mix of old and new tunes, which showcased each group members’ vocal and instrumental talents. It made for a fantastic evening.

One of the more powerful moments came when The Willis Clan performed “Speak My Mind” – the title track off the new album. As I stated earlier, the album and, particularly this song, were inspired from the events that transpired in the past two years. Jenny Willis takes the lead vocal on the song and, the band’s performance of it on Saturday evening, we gave them a standing ovation; which brought her to tears. Heck, I was brought to tears as well.

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After the show, the band stuck around to sign CDs and take photos with fans (see above) but, they didn’t just do that. They carried on conversations with every person who stopped by (including yours truly). I was incredibly nervous and could not get out everything I wanted to say to them, but I mentioned to Jair and Jenny about how far I had traveled to see them and they were impressed. They were all so genuinely nice and a pleasure to meet.

Jair, Jet, Jenny, Jasmine, Jedi, and Jack – thank you for coming to North Carolina! You all have hearts of gold and I hope to see you again soon!


Lend an ear to “Speak My Mind” below and make sure to grab your copy here.

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