Purchasing A New Bed…Totally Online?

I’ve slept in the same, twin bed since junior year of high school in 2009. A weird quarter-life growth spurt hit, rendering the ‘ol tried and true from holding my feet anymore. In other words, my feet dangled right off the edge!

Needless to say it was time to look for a bigger bed and a new mattress to pair it with. But where to look? I tried several brick and mortar places but nothing suited my needs (or wallet) so why not give online companies a shot? Many offer products cheaper than their brick and mortar counterparts and a lengthy return period, so it really wouldn’t be a huge risk.

The next question is which company do I go with? There are the “big wigs” in the market, such as Casper and Nectar. Then some lesser-known companies, like the two I’m going to tell you about.

Let’s start with the bed.

Say hello to Thuma. The company makes one product and one product only: a platform bed. According to its bio, the name “Thuma” comes from a “grandfather who crafted timeless pieces of furniture pieces out of beautiful wood.” The bed is just as simplistic as its name (“The Bed”) and gives a modern flair to any space.

The Details

  • Thuma touts that each of its beds is unique, given that each is made with natural wood.
  • The bed frame contains no MDF or veneers and is colored a natural walnut (medium/light brown).
  • Beds also come with a PillowBoard, in grey or white. The PillowBoard features a foam fill with polyester cover that is washable.
  • The Bed features a slat system that will support virtually any mattress, claimed by Thuma to be double strength and made of eco-friendly felt material.
  • Thuma beds can be put together solely with your hands, no tools required! This is thanks to a Japanese joinery design that makes putting The Bed together much like doing a puzzle.
  • Cost: $795 (Full), $895 (Queen), $995 (King/Cali King). Financing options are available.
  • Thuma offers a 100-night trial.

My Thoughts

I’ve slept on the Thuma for about two months and I’ve loved it. I purchased a Queen and I believe I’ve gotten my money’s worth for the $895 price tag, which is definitely on the cheaper side for beds. Particularly since you get one made entirely of real wood as opposed to MDF or other products.

A closer view of the Thuma Bed and the slat structure.

The Bed arrives in a series of three, relatively large boxes via FedEx. I would recommend having someone help you if you need to carry the boxes upstairs or otherwise. Additionally, don’t be surprised if the boxes arrive at different times as this happened with me. Speaking of the shipping experience, I found it to be a nice touch for Thuma to send customers a welcome package in the mail, which includes a candle.

Assembly is relatively simple, although I also recommend having a second set of hands to help you. I assembled The Bed myself and had a bit of difficulty getting two legs to stay in place until they were balanced out on the other side. It would also be nice to have clear labels as to which part of the side rails face the inside and outside of the unit. Funny story, I finished assembly when I realized one of the rails was facing the wrong direction. Unfortunately for me, I had to completely undo the unit and start from scratch. Not a huge deal but my advice to you? Just pay close attention!

The Thuma bed is well built, made of sturdy material, and is (relatively) easy to put together. While the shipping process could be a bit better, I think it’s a good buy.

Rating: 4.5/5


So you got the bed but you need a good mattress to go with it. I think I’ve found one in the Allswell Mattress. Allswell is a bedding brand that’s not a one trick pony like Thuma. The company makes several bedding items from mattresses, to pillows, sheets, and more. But since I only purchased the mattress, I’ll focus on that.

The Details

Allswell makes two mattresses: it’s namesake, the Allswell which is more of an entry-level model and the Allswell Luxe Hybrid. I purchased the entry-level Allswell as the luxe version seemed like I’d be sleeping on something comparable to a sidewalk in terms of comfort level.

  • The mattress is a hybrid, constructed of “generous layers” of CertiPUR-US® memory foam as well as individually wrapped coils to reduce motion transfer.
  • Constructed in the U.S. with a combination of domestic and imported parts.
  • The top of the mattress is quilted with what Allswell calls its CoolFlow Foam, an effort to improve breathability.
  • Here’s the best part: pricing starts at $245 for a Twin and maxes out at $420 for a Cali King. Additionally, Allswell is under the Walmart umbrella of brands, so you may be able to buy it even cheaper if you play your cards right. I was able to purchase mine on Walmart.com for $259, almost $100 off the retail price! Financing options are available via Allswell’s site.
  • Allswell offers a 100-night trial, although the company recommends sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 days before making a decision to return it.

My Thoughts

Now, you may think, SHEESH! At this price, the Allswell must be a piece of junk! Well, folks it’s not. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, dare I say, luxurious construction and feel for the ridiculously low price tag.

A view of the Allswell Mattress. Note its stylish design and soft, quilted top.

When I read that the Allswell had that “just right” comfort level, I thought yea sure! There’s no way. But it actually does. It has just enough plush to make it not feel like you’re lying down on a concrete slab but offers support to save you from slipping down into the mattress abyss. I also like the cleverly-designed top cover, which is soft to the touch while looking great with embossed Allswell “A’s” lining the entire top.

How does it sleep? Overall, very comfy. I will say, however, that it can sleep pretty warm even with Allswell’s CoolFlow technology. Part of this could be attributed to me being a hot-natured person but I slapped this cooling mattress pad from Target on top and it’s fine now.

Shipping is rather simple, as the mattress arrives rolled up and shrink wrapped in a box. Like the bed, I would recommend having someone help you carry the mattress to its final landing spot. I, unfortunately, had to carry – or roll – it upstairs myself. No lie, I looked like an Ironman contestant lifting and turning a humongous tire end-over-end!

Beyond that, the Allswell is a superb choice if you’re looking for a mattress that is well-constructed at an unbeatable price.

Rating: 4/5


There you have it. I’ll say my first experience purchasing bedding completely online went really well. I’m happy with my new bed and especially excited for all the extra room I have. No more dangly feet!

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