NMM: Scarypoolparty

I alluded to it in my previous post (hop over there to check it out) but the new album from Alejandro Aranda, who records under the name Scarypoolparty, has arrived.

The American Idol alum released his much anticipated project, Exit Form, which has already garnered quite the enthusiastic response from fans and critics alike.

The Pomona, Calif. native said in an interview with Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Entertainment that his parents made him take piano lessons as a child. However, he “hated it and didn’t do it.” Many would describe Aranda as a self-taught musician, but he doesn’t like to label himself as such, noting in the interview that YouTube has played a significant role in his artistic development.

About five years ago, Aranda had an experience that would change his perspective on life. According to Parker, Aranda was working in a warehouse when he got his hand trapped in a conveyor belt. Noting he could have lost his hand, Aranda said that the traumatic event forced him to reflect on what his life trajectory was at that moment.

The humble Aranda needed a boost in confidence for his budding musical career. He uploaded one of the first songs he wrote to social media, tagging George Lewis, Jr. – better known as Twin Shadow. Lewis not only saw it, but dove right in and became a mentor to Aranda. According to Parker, Aranda has paid back Lewis tenfold by inviting him on Idol, asking him to produce on Exit Form, and having him open on tour.

Aranda just completed a sold out tour and I’m stoked that this long awaited album has been released. It features some new tracks – unless you heard them at his live shows – as well as remastered versions of “10 Years” and “Out Loud.” It’s an artistic masterpiece. I’m sure Aranda would say that he’s not in it to receive awards, but Exit Form should legitimately receive Grammy consideration.

Lend an ear to a sampling of the new album below and go get your copy now.

6 responses to “NMM: Scarypoolparty”

  1. Thank you, Chris, for another great article! I had the pleasure of seeing Scarypoolparty live no less than 6 times on his fall tour. (And once on his summer tour.) Honestly, I wish it could have been more! Each and every show was an exhilarating experience (especially the final one)! Yes, the man is a musical genius; yes, Exit Form is a masterpiece and yes, it is definitely Grammy worthy! (FYI – it takes 6 1/2 repeats of Exit Form to drive from LA to Sacramento!)

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    1. Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi Chris, I read your article soon after the Scarypoolparty Tour performed in North Carolina. I enjoyed that article and you have written another, that has me smiling. I agree EXIT FORM is an artistic masterpiece.

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    1. Thanks for reading!


  3. I had the wonderful experience of seeing him in concert at First Ave in Minneapolis this past October. It was awesome! As soon as his album was available, I downloaded it.

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    1. Same here. Saw him in NC a few weeks ago. Amazing show! Thanks for reading.


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