NMM: Nolan Sotillo

This week’s feature is on a multitalented artist I’ve been supporting for several years.

Nolan Sotillo is a singer/songwriter and actor, hailing from West Palm Beach, F.L. He has produced several music projects throughout the years and has played roles in numerous television shows and films.

According to a bio on his Facebook page, Sotillo solidified his love of performing when he played a role in his middle school’s production of Grease. From there, Sotillo also participated in the “American Idol Experience” at Disney World in Orlando, winning the Golden Ticket to compete on the real show, although too young at the time. Sotillo went on to star in the film, Prom, and he may be best known for his portrayal of Jordi in the popular FOX series Red Band Society. Sotillo wrote original songs that were featured in both projects.

Fast forward to 2019 and the now 25-year-old Sotillo just released a brand new EP entitled No Love Lost. Frankly, this may be his best work to date. Each track has its own unique flavor, much of which takes on a laid back, beach-y feel. My personal favorite being the Kenny Chesney-esque “One Right Swipe (The Boat Song).”

Have a listen to the song below and be sure to check out No Love Lost. Also give Nolan a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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