It was the worst-kept secret in the world. Still, when Minor League Baseball announced Tuesday that it would cancel the season due to COVID-19, a second burst of sadness and frustration washed over me.

As an employee of the league, there was a sense of finality that hit me with the announcement. A realization that I would not work for the rest of the year after things had been up in the air since March. I would not get to see the numerous coworkers who have become my friends. I would not get to interact with the countless fans who attend Durham Bulls games during the course of the season.

It hurts.

Many people overlook game day employees who work in the stadium, such as myself. I have noticed it a lot during this time. Those very same game day workers rely on this job to make ends meet. While I am very aware (and in agreement with) the need to protect the health and well-being of everyone involved, receiving the email that the season would be canceled still upset me. Assuredly, my coworkers feel the same way.

If there is anything I have learned during this chapter of my life, it is that things always change. Some for the better and some for the worse. Now that I will continue to have time on my hands and given the uncertainty of when minor league baseball is going to return, I will spend this time thinking about my career trajectory. We will see what happens.

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