NMM: Jackson Dreyer

Issa total vibe with this talented dude, Jackson Dreyer. I discovered him on Instagram after finding we had mutual friends and accounts we follow. That quickly turned into a (virtual) friendship on social media as well!

Hailing from just outside of Chicago, Ill., Dreyer attributes his great grandfather for his musicianship who, according to his bio, was a banjo player in the 1930s and 40s. Dreyer later became a member of band as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and, ultimately, moved to Nashville to pursue music.

From there, Dreyer has made his mark in the songwriting world and has also produced several solo projects. Each tune in Dreyer’s repertoire to date has an easy-listening yet sophisticated feel. The inclusion of a horn section in several of his songs receives extra points from me. If you have followed me any amount of time, you know my clarinet-playing self will give extra points for it. No worries, I have already expressed my approval of this to him (woodwinds whoop, whoop)!

It was “Better Man” that introduced me to Dreyer as an artist and I have been hooked since. He has a unique ability to produce soulful pieces of reflection, such as “Coeur D’Alene,” to jig-inducing numbers like “Ruin a Name.” There is not a single tune you will dislike.

Friday, Dreyer dropped a brand new tune entitled “Step Back” which is an absolute bop. If you don’t bob your head to this one, there is no hope for you! In all seriousness, though, this is a groovy little tune that I envision cranking up while cruising the road with the windows down. If it had not been so hot and humid in North Carolina, I would probably be doing that by now!

Lend and ear to “Step Back” below and make sure to grab it here.

Photo Courtesy: Malte Wingen via Unsplash

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