NMM: Shane Harper

If you have watched shows on Disney Channel, MTV, CBS, Starz, and even the God’s Not Dead film series, you may recognize this name.

Shane Harper, in addition to being an outstanding actor, is an accomplished musician. Having produced several pieces for his musical catalog, he is back with an all new EP entitled Apt. 401.

According to a biography on IMDb, Harper began singing, dancing, and acting at nine years old in community theater. From there, he gained agency representation and later began his acting career. One of his most notable roles being Spencer Walsh on the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie. But that is not the only role Harper has taken on, most recently playing Junior McCarthy in the Starz series Hightown.

As far as his music, I am so stoked for this new EP. I pre-ordered a physical copy (autographed, of course) and it arrived last week. Just as the EP released worldwide. Each song has a chill, melancholy vibe and focuses quite a bit on love. Harper provides amazing vocals on each as well.

I have supported Harper for several years – and, humble brag, even got a follow from him on Twitter! All that aside, Harper is an all around talented person who you should definitely lend an ear to listen to. Oh, and make sure to grab your copy of Apt. 401.

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