Making My Day

I walked to the mailbox Wednesday and, to my complete surprise, laid the envelope I sent with a note to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fan mail address. Inside, a photo I sent him and politely asked to autograph – now donning his signature. It had only been a couple months and, to be honest, I had kinda forgotten about it.

I had seen fans post on social media about their $10 bills being signed by the In the Heights and Hamilton creator – and all around genius – Miranda but I figured it would take a lonnnggg time to get back to me. If at all. Let’s be honest, we all know he gets tons and tons of notes from fans throughout the world.

In 2010, I visited New York City and was able to attend a Broadway show. My first ever. It just so happened the show was In The Heights, playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and I had no clue about the show or its creator. That would all change on this night. I was obsessed with the show after seeing it and from then on became a huge fan of it, Miranda, and the whole cast. I snapped a picture of the marquee at the Richard Rodgers, which is still one of my favorites to this day.

Several months ago, I learned from Lin’s father, Luis, that the Miranda family had an address in which fans could send notes and such. I thought to myself, why not? So I got busy figuring out postage, concocting a note, and choosing a photo to send for a possible autograph. Of course, I went with the Richard Rodgers marquee photo.

What did I say in my note? Well, you are in luck! You can read it at the link below!

Yes, I mentioned if he ever needed a clarinetist for anything, I’m his guy. Yes, I signed it “Your Obedient Servant” (if you know, you know). I was “not throwing away my shot!”

Hamilton references aside, I was over the flipping moon to receive my photo back in the mail – signed and all! I cannot thank Lin enough for not only being open to receiving thousands of pieces of fan mail but for fulfilling requests like that. I will forever cherish this photo and cannot wait to put it up on my wall!

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