Christmas Tunes: Walker Burroughs

A new Christmas tune from American Idol alum Walker Burroughs? GOOD HEAVENS! The insanely talented Burroughs is not only blessing us with a Christmas song – it’s an original to boot.

“Christmas Lights” addresses some apparent troubles with a significant other. In its first half, the song seems to be heartbreaking (“When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall / It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all”) but then takes on a more hopeful mood in the back half. Burroughs sings of how “those Christmas lights keep shining on” in anticipation that his lost love will return and things will be good again.

The song takes a unique spin on the traditional Christmas song. It is ingeniously crafted to showcase the melancholy our subject experiences in the first part, while switching to a brighter tone in the second part. It is quintessential Burroughs and a true joy to listen to.

Have a listen!

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