What A Year

Friends, I’m gonna be honest: 2020 was shitty with a capital “S.”

For me, it all began in January, when I was told I had to move from the place I’d called home the past seven years. Thank God (and neighbors) that I was able to stay in the same neighborhood and move just two doors down. A blessing for sure.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and changed everything…

I honestly (and stupidly) believed it would not be as a big of a deal in the U.S. I think a lot of us did. Fact is, the pandemic has turned things upside down. It certainly sent my life plan in a free fall but, at the same time, allowed me to analyze my life. The pandemic has provided time to reevaluate as a person while it also unveiled truths I never knew existed in some people. Even some folks I’ve known for many years.

On the job front, the Minor League Baseball season was cancelled, putting myself and many others out of work. Plans were certainly derailed and I – frustratingly – found out just how broken our unemployment system is in North Carolina and the country as a whole. Especially for seasonal/gig workers. I may, in due time, write a longer post focusing more on that soon.

It’s hard being one of the first to lose a job during this pandemic, not work the entire duration of it so far, and also not really know if said job will even be there next year. Only time will tell what my next career move will be. I just have to take it one day at a time.

If there has been a bright side to all of this, it’s that I’ve had the time to discover myself as an adult. I’ve had to do even more “growing up” than I have in past years (it’s a continual process, even at 28) and also think about the path forward. No doubt, it hasn’t been easy.

The pandemic and time at home did help me accomplish a (small) goal: open my online photography print shop! The shop opened in November and I’m hoping that it’ll be a least somewhat successful. Granted, sales haven’t been what I had hoped for at this point, but perhaps they will pick up! As I’ve said before, even just a share of my shop on social media means the world and I appreciate those of you who have shown interest in it.

From cookies, to soups and more, I’ve always had a passion for cooking/baking and I’ve also been able to incorporate my photography skills with it. Taking some pretty dope photos of my edible creations along the way. Such as these Chocolate Dipped Orange Ornament Cookies I made for Christmas.

“I’ve always had a passion for cooking/baking and I’ve also been able to incorporate my photography skills with it.”

This period has given me time to post some clarinet covers on Instagram as well. In fact, I began a series on IGTV dedicated to just that! The covers have garnered quite a bit of views and support so, thank you! It’s just something fun to do and I appreciate those of you who have taken time to show support.

Well, friends, as we wrap up another year – one most certainly like no other in our lifetimes – my prayer is that we all have a better year ahead. I’m sure we have all struggled with something at some point in 2020. As a person who detests change, this has been a helluva year for me, to put it mildly. While 2020 has been riddled with negativity, I’m trying my best to look ahead to the possibilities that 2021 will offer. I hope you will too.

Take care, stay safe, wear a freaking mask, and much love. 👊🏼♥️

Photo Courtesy: Kelly Sikkema

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