NMM: The Wonderful Nobodies

It was a jam session on a Friday night that sparked the creation of my next featured artists.

The Wonderful Nobodies is a trio comprised of longtime friends Seth Taylor, Lacy Green and Aaron Williams, who hail from the Appalachian region of Virginia and North Carolina. According to a bio, the three have individually written hundreds of tunes and have performed on stages ranging from Carnegie Hall to The Grand Ole Opry.

Taylor notes in the group’s bio that he and Williams started up weekly jam sessions. They realized that there was something special happening when the three played music together. From there, The Wonderful Nobodies began to take shape, with the formation of an at-home studio.

The Wonderful Nobodies released its debut project, A|B, in 2020. Taking its country genre designation and bending it to include rock and pop influences, all in a tasteful fashion. Something that you do not see a lot of in the mainstream nowadays. The music is beautifully crafted while Green provides a powerful vocal to complement. Listening to the album, I can picture myself cruising down the road just immersed in the music. This, friends, is spellbinding.

Have a listen to “The Wire” from A|B below and also make sure to grab a copy of this incredible album.

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