A New Beginning

I’m writing this with less than 15 hours until our country inaugurates a new president and vice-president. You’re reading it with just three hours to go until we have a new administration.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office amidst several crises in our nation. From a pandemic that has been poorly managed to the point of costing 400,000 American lives, to a divided nation fueled by hateful rhetoric from a sitting president and his enablers.

This time four years ago, I was gravely concerned for our nation. Make no mistake, I still am. But I am somewhat optimistic about our future. Particularly with a new administration at the helm. I was told time and time again to “get over” the 2016 Election and to “give Trump a chance.” Believe it or not, I did. But I soon realized that his administration was not working in the best interests of the American people. From rolling back regulations that have helped our environment, to burning bridges with our allies, to spewing vile rhetoric that further divided us.

Cliché, I know, but this is a truly historic time in our country. Historic in many ways. We will have the first woman and first black and Asian American in Harris to be our Vice President. She will be sworn in by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina and woman of color to sit on the Supreme Court. Biden and Harris will be sworn in at the very place where we all witnessed insurrectionists violently desecrated a beacon of our republic just two weeks prior.

So friends, as we witness another Inauguration Day and celebrate a new administration, let’s all move forward with empathy in our hearts. We need to come together now more than ever and work to build our nation back. I will support the Biden Administration but will also, as a constituent, observe with watchful eye at the policies enacted under it. I will also pray for Biden and Harris, as well as Dr. Jill Biden and Mr. Emhoff regularly. I already have been praying.

Let’s take a breath of fresh air. Here’s to a new beginning!

Photo Courtesy: Aaron Burden

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