NMM: Quinn Sullivan

Combining a soulful voice with ridiculous guitar skills, this week’s featured artist is Quinn Sullivan.

According to a bio, the Boston native received a guitar at age three and “never looked back.” The natural musician has performed on stages ranging from Madison Square Garden to India’s Mahindra Blues Festival. Perhaps, most notably, touring and performing with legendary blues guitarist, Buddy Guy. On a personal note, I’ve followed Sullivan’s career for many years now and it’s a treat to have seen his artistry blossom in that time.

Sullivan’s latest is an upbeat tune for these trying times. “All Around the World” sticks to his bluesy-rock roots, with powerhouse vocals and – of course – transcendent guitar playing. Everything comes together to create a jam-worthy tune for all music lovers.

The song, according to Sullivan’s website, began as a guitar riff from producer Oliver Leiber. It then developed into what we are all being blessed with now. I can just imagine a time listening to this tune on full blast with the car windows rolled down, cruising down the road with not a care in the word. Boy, is that an image we all could use right now?

Check out “All Around the World” below and snag a copy of this brilliant tune!

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