NMM: Daves Highway

This week, I have the pleasure of featuring some longtime friends. A group that goes by the name Daves Highway.

The trio is no stranger to the blog, having been featured in 2014. To get you up to speed, Daves Highway is a Mississippi-born sibling trio, comprised of Zach, Erika, and Delaney Daves. Things really began to take off after the trio posted a video on YouTube in 2009, garnering more some 20 million views. Since then, Daves Highway has released four studio albums and has performed throughout the United States.

It was YouTube where I discovered this group and, from there, became friends with the Daves siblings on social media. The friendship and support have continued since then and it has been amazing to see their talents continue to flourish during this time. What has always stood out to me is the effortless harmonies Daves Highway achieves on each song. Perhaps it’s the sibling bond but it is truly magical.

Daves Highway released a couple of new tunes – “Why Do We Need Em” and “Hate That You Hate Me” – that bring the trio’s artistic growth to the forefront. Check both of them out below as well as download and stream links here.

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