One Year

It’s hard to fathom we have been in this thing for a year.

One year.

It’s been rough, but it also seems time has still kept on a blistering pace. Things were pretty frightening a year ago. I, having just moved into a new home, had heard about the coronavirus but naively thought it would not wreak havoc on the United States the way it has.

I also didn’t think I would still be waiting to return to work as I write this. What was once thought to be a more concrete beginning this year has turned into at least another month of waiting. Working in an industry that relies heavily on in-person attendance is rough. But, what’s one more month after waiting a year, right?

This time has been filled with up and down days. Many days being productive and many others not. I started cooking more at home and posting my creations online. Keeping up with clarinet playing and participating in some cool projects associated with it (one to be released soon). Even fulfilling a dream of starting an online store to sell prints of my photography.

Other days, I’ve been rather content sitting on the couch and watching movies all day. There have been down days when, yes, I realize sales for said online shop aren’t where I want them to be. Days when I would second guess myself in several aspects of my professional and creative life. It has been quite interesting for sure.

That said, I’m hopeful things can begin to slowly get back to normal. Or, a resemblance of normalcy, at least. It hasn’t been easy for a lot of folks – myself included – but I’m hopeful that we can all defeat this virus soon!

Take care, stay safe, get vaccinated when it’s your turn, and WEAR A MASK.

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