NMM: Hunter Metts

American Idol crew, where y’all at?

Fresh off his Top 7 stint on the show, I’m featuring the unique talent who is Hunter Metts. A software developer by trade, Metts is a tried and true, guitar strumming crooner. Oh, and homie can write beautiful lyrics as well!

Metts hails from Franklin, Tenn. and began his venture into the I.T. world soon after graduating high school. Why that path? In an interview with Tennessean, Metts noted his firsthand viewpoint of the music industry and its impact as both of his parents pursued careers in music. It was this viewpoint that led Metts to suppress his passion and pursue a more stable career.

Somehow, someway, Metts chose to audition for Idol and am I – as well as millions of my fellow viewers – glad he did. From his first audition, Metts stood out as a fan favorite. On stage during the live shows, his raw emotion was evident in each performance. Even coming to tears after a little slip up while performing “Falling Slowly” from Once. Metts shows he cares and strives for perfection in his craft – although judge Katy Perry wisely reminded him that “perfection is an illusion.”

While Metts’ journey on the show is over, it most certainly is beginning in the music industry. Heck, I would say Metts is in my Top 10 favorite Idol contestants of all time – if you know me and my love of the show, you know that’s a big time honor. He has this spark, originality, that I truly love to see and hear.

Metts currently has two originals out and both are must-listens. My personal favorite being “Loaded Gun” which talks about a wreckless and unpredictable, yet, thrilling love interest. The tune encapsulates this feel by its upbeat style. The second tune “The River” is a little more tame and captures Metts’ more tender side. A perfect combination and two songs that should get tons of streams. Needless to say this, probably, but I’d pay to see a Hunter Metts concert today.

Check out “Loaded Gun” and “The River” below.

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