NMM: Tristan Bushman

This week, I’m featuring a new tune from one of my pals, Tristan Bushman.

Bushman is no stranger to the blog (see NMM: Sadie Hawkins) and it’s pretty neat how he and I became homies. Once again, through the power of social media.

Being raised in a family rich with musical talent, Bushman quite literally has it running through his veins. As he says in his bio, “Music has always been there for me – it’s a natural constant.” From losing his sister to a rare disorder at an early age, to making it as a Nashville singer-songwriter.

Bushman’s life experiences ring true in his songwriting, which has been compared to the likes of Tom Petty and Ed Sheeran. His latest being “Carried Away” from a forthcoming, self-titled EP. The song encapsulates the sheer joy of new love. Also lending a folksy-pop voice to it. I’ll just say it – it’s damn good. Arguably Bushman’s best work to date, which is an astonishing claim given he has produced some awe-inspiring music throughout the years.

Check out “Carried Away” below as well as links to purchase and download the song.

Stream It / Purchase It

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