NMM: Lakota John

Woah, it’s been a hot minute since I last posted on the blog. But we back baby with a New Music Monday featuring a talented, local artist.

Lakota John is self-described as an “old soul who loves music.” Hailing from Robeson County North Carolina, Lakota John blends several styles of music – folk, blues, rock, and jazz – to breathe life into his own brand of song.

Growing up listening to his father’s collection of music, Lakota John became acquainted with the harmonica and guitar before the age of 10. Then the slide guitar later on. From there, he was afforded the opportunity to attend Centrum’s Acoustic Blues Festival in Port Townsend, WA – earning scholarships to do so – where he continued to hone his skill. Since then, he has performed on the nearby stages of the North Carolina Museum of Art and Carolina Theatre, to the John F. Kennedy Center, and as far away as Europe. Lakota John was recently featured on the cover of PBS North Carolina’s Centerpiece magazine and will also appear in episode of “Music at the Museum” on the network Thursday, August 5.

The style of music, here, is intoxicatingly eclectic – can that be a thing? From the ethereal flute playing of the title track from his 2017 project The Winds of Time, to the foot tapping “Georgia Rag” on the same project. Then there is the peaceful, comforting vibe from his latest “Together at Home.” A hopeful and inspirational tune that calls for unity during what has been a time of great uncertainty for many. A soft, yet, beautiful vocal accompanies a little mandolin and percussion that transported this listener to relaxing on a front porch. Leaving the hustle and bustle of 2021 America behind.

Lend an ear to “Together at Home” below and be sure to keep up with Lakota John’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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