NMM: Windser

It’s always pretty cool to watch New Year’s Rockin’ Eve each year as Ryan Seacrest and crew like to mix in rising artists to the bill of performers. One such artist being Windser.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, Calif., the moniker “Windser” belongs to Jordan Topf. According to a feature on BMI, Windser retreated to a home in rural Northern California in 2020. Like many of us during this time, he kept in isolation and created. He emerged from that with “a collection of emotional songs that convey the growth one experiences during moments of significant change.” Fitting for a moment in life, like 2020.

Windser has a keen ability for songwriting and constructing brilliant melodies. A talent recognized by many, including Macklemore, who featured Windser on his 2021 comeback tune “Next Year.” The duo performed the song on Rockin’ Eve and I watched it. I heard the unique voice, saw the energetic stage presence and thought to myself – I’ve got to figure out who this artist is and listen to more of his music. I’m so thankful I did!

To date, Windser has five tunes circulating the music-verse, from the laid back “Peach Fuzz” to the first song I listened to upon researching him that New Year’s Eve night. A track called “Memory.” The song addresses a time of loss for the artist, despite being set to a more toe-tapping, upbeat tune. Needless to say, this one’s been on repeat quite a bit lately.

Have a listen to “Memory” below and discover more about Windser here.

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