NMM: Balcony Sunrise

Creating the soundtrack to all the feels, this week’s artist is Balcony Sunrise.

The Belfast-based duo consists of multi-instrumentalist, David Ferris (of whom you’ll see in social media vids of the music), and branding/visual creator Stephen Ferris. The Ferris’ produce dreamy tunes and images through a variety of media, including TikTok and Instagram – even a cool take on “Kids” from Stranger Things. According to a bio, Balcony Sunrise has crafted tracks for moments such as watching sunsets in Norway to mountain climbing in Poland. The project was started during the pandemic to inspire hope which is all the more a reason to support this duo.

I first discovered Balcony Sunrise a few months ago on Instagram, no less. I instantly became a fan as the duo’s tunes reminded me of peaceful, instrumental music that I often listen to when I work at my computer or in the late evenings. There was an immediate connection found and I’m glad I found this music.

Balcony Sunrise’s latest release is entitled “Golden Hour” and, as the accompanying artwork suggest, is an electronic ode to watching a sunset at the beach. Just enjoying all that our world has to offer. What Balcony Sunrise achieves with this tune – as well as its other tunes – is a collection of majestic sounds that will put the listener in a trance.

Have a listen to “Golden Hour” below and discover more about Balcony Sunrise.

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