Looking Back On 2022

It’s hard to believe it but we are here, folks. We are on the cusp of a new year. If you’re a newbie to the blog, I always like to take some time and reflect on the year that was, good, bad or in between.

2022 was kind of a roller coaster of sorts. I worked my seventh season at the Durham Bulls and the team capped things off with more championships. Humble brag, the Bulls have won four International League Championships and three National Championships during my time there, including one of each this past season. I’d say that’s pretty darn good! Humble brag part two, I was awarded Employee of the Month during the season, and was recognized on field with a few of my coworkers.

The season was filled with meeting new people, some awesome theme nights, and exciting games. Capped off by me finally getting to meet Ripken the Bat Dog! Now, you may think I would have met him already considering I work for the Bulls. Not really, as I usually don’t impose on getting his “Pawtograph” trading card or a picture when I’m working. However, I attended the Bulls Fall Fan Fest as a fan and finally got the chance to snap a pic with the world famous bat dog!

Meeting Ripken the Bat Dog.

The 2023 season is shaping up to be even more amazing – with not only Durham Bulls Baseball, but the return of ACC Baseball Championships and the debut of the Savannah Bananas for their “Banana Ball World Tour” – hopefully I can get tickets for that. Nonetheless, it’ll be a season for the ages!

Another sports related highlight came in December at an N.C. State Men’s Basketball game. My good friend, Christian Stoinev, performed the halftime show at the game against Pittsburgh. It was the first time I’d seen him in about four years and it was so nice to meet and catch up with him. It was equally special to share the evening with one of my close friends!

A major highlight in my other passion – music and playing the clarinet – was being afforded the opportunity to play at Meymandi Concert Hall. We performed everything from carols and “Sleigh Ride” to a selection of new pieces for the holiday season. I’m forever grateful and still in awe of being able to roam the halls and perform on the very stage that is home to our North Carolina Symphony. In fact, the symphony performed there the evening before we did! If you could not make it, you definitely missed out on a fantastic concert!

Performing on the Meymandi Hall stage.

I’m also still pursuing photography and entered another piece for the N.C. State Fair Photography Exhibition. While I was not overly thrilled by the piece that won I’m thankful to have my artwork on display for fairgoers to view. My photography was also featured by N.C. State on its social media channels! I was contacted by the folks there after posting selects from the Heritage Game at Reynolds Coliseum. The annual game features the return of the Wolfpack Men’s Basketball team to its prior home court.

My online photography store is still going and, while sales have not been what I expected, I do appreciate the sales and support I have gotten so far. Oh, and if you have not checked out the store, now would be a great time! I have a wide selection of prints available and a sale (25% off everything) until January 7. So go ahead, stop by, and pick out something nice!

Things were not all glitz and glam in 2022. There were the usual end and flows of life but all in all it’s been a pretty decent year. I truly hope your year was a good one. It may not have been perfect by any means, but good nonetheless. If not, I pray 2023 will be better. Hang in there and thanks as always for reading.

Much love, CW✌🏻

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