NMM: Dylan Eaton

It’s always cool to discover new artists and hear their stories. This go ‘round, it’s Dylan Eaton.

Eaton’s story is one of inspiration and determination. Fairly new to the music producing scene, Eaton tells me he began writing about three or four years ago. “I was a Quadeca fan [and] he had a video titled ‘Turning A Random Person on the Street Into a Viral Rapper,” Eaton said. “If they can do it and sound good, I can and started writing about three or four years ago.” From there, Eaton knew his next step was to record what he had been writing. Admittedly nervous to do so, he worked full time to save up enough money to begin his first recording session in February of 2022.

Eaton has released several tracks and has garnered a solid following on Spotify, eclipsing 94,000 streams on his song “Lemonade” as well as more than 5,300 monthly listeners. Eaton also just released his latest this past week – “Stare” accompanied by fellow artist Vinny Cincotta. His songs as a whole provide the listener a rap vibe and showcase his storytelling skill.

Diving deeper into “Stare” it gives a pop feel at the beginning with rap feature. Eaton tells me the song came about during a mental block he experienced, as he struggled with his life trajectory as people were dictating who he should be or telling him he needed to change. Inspiration for the tune was also drawn from a breakup he experienced, in which the person told him he was “never [going to] make it.” The tune is, according to Eaton, a message to say these people will be looking back in regret when he’s successful.

Have a listen to “Stare” below. You can hear all of Dylan Eaton’s songs on Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music. Also be sure to keep up with him on Instagram and YouTube.

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