NMM: Louis Knight

This week’s featured artist is Louis Knight. The British-born, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter is back with an all new tune and it is one of his best to date.

Knight has steadily made a space for himself in the music business, continually honing his songwriting skill. Then came American Idol, of which I first discovered Knight and became a fan. He has used his Top 7 finish on the show to grow his reach even further, developing quite the following. Knight has amassed more than 90,000 followers on Instagram and enjoys north of 12,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Beyond the music, Knight is a top-notch person. He uses his platform as an artist in a philanthropic way, partnering with The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention after losing a close friend to suicide. Knight also regularly connects and interacts with his fans on social media or in person at his shows. It’s such a cool thing to see when artists don’t only pump out music but also take interest in connecting with those who listen.

Now, Knight has released a new tune entitled “Make This Up” and it is sensational, if I do say so myself. This soft, heartbreaker of a ballad is just further proof of his artistic evolution. There is no doubt in my mind that Knight will continue to grow his listener base and I’m stoked to continue supporting him in it.

Lend an ear to “Make This Up” below and be sure to check out more on Louis Knight.

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