Town Ball Historic Research

Summer 2014

During my time as an intern at Duke Homestead State Historic site, I was tasked with completing a project showcasing my experience. I chose to research the 19th century game of Town Ball and transformed my findings into a long essay, an article for the Duke Homestead newsletter as well as a Facebook post. My research was archived for use in a potential, future exhibit at the museum located on site grounds.

I was able to strengthen my research, writing and editing skills with this project, which are areas I have always been interested in and wanted to improve upon. The project helped me gain a better understanding of the history behind Town Ball, how it evolved into modern-day baseball and how baseball solidified itself as “America’s National Pastime.” Despite my internship experience not being solely focused on the sports world, I was able to tie-in sport to the project. The research, writing and editing skills learned, here, could be used in virtually any field for years to come.

Sport Marketing Plan

Spring 2014

This was one a “crowning achievements” during my undergrad time at N.C. State, as this sport marketing plan received high remarks from the professor of this class. The class was given the opportunity to choose an organization and/or an event to create a comprehensive plan that would detail areas the organization did well, areas it could improve and provide a blueprint for a keynote event. I chose the Greater Raleigh Sports Council and its “Evening of Champions” event and completed the project independently, although we were encouraged to work in groups.

Creating the marketing plan allowed me to improve upon multiple skills, such as researching, budgeting, performing a SWOT analysis and planning an event. I had never created a sport marketing plan in the past nor had I acquired many of the skills to complete a “real world” marketing plan at the time, so I learned a lot just from completing the project. The skills learned through the completion of this sport marketing plan will allow me to be a valuable asset to not only sport entities but any organization.

Raleigh Brewing Company Website

Winter 2013

As part of a communications class, we worked in groups to choose a local business and produce a promotional website using the Adobe Muse program. I was responsible for the overall site layout and design, compiling information for the site, editing as needed, and uploading the final product to the N.C. State servers for display. Most of which, were skills that I had very little knowledge of at the time.

This was one of the more challenging projects I’ve worked on. I had no prior knowledge of the Adobe Muse program, with only classroom instruction to go by. If there was anything I learned, it is that trial and error go a long way with Adobe Muse. After working well with my colleagues – and a decent amount of trial and error – we produced a polished website that could be adapted into a useful tool for the Raleigh Brewing Company.

*Note: As N.C. State made technical improvements to its online infrastructure, the original project is no longer available. A summary of the project has been provided in its place.