Town Ball Historic Research

A research project on the 19th century game of Town Ball was completed as part of my time as an intern at Duke Homestead State Historic Site in the summer of 2014. It was transformed into a long form essay, an article for the site’s Gold Leaf newsletter, and a Facebook post. The research was archived for use in future exhibits at the museum located on site grounds.

Sport Marketing Plan

This was a crowning achievement during undergrad at N.C. State, as this sport marketing plan received high remarks. Developed in the spring of 2014, the goal of the project was to choose an organization and develop a comprehensive plan that could be implemented in a real world setting. The plan detailed areas the organization did well, areas it could improve on, and provided a blueprint for a keynote event the organization could hold.

Raleigh Brewing Company Website

In 2013, my team was tasked with choosing a local business and producing a promotional website using the Adobe Muse program. I was responsible for the overall site layout and design. Tasks included: compiling information for the site, editing as needed, and uploading the final product to the N.C. State servers for display. Most of which, were skills that I had very little knowledge of at the time.

*Note: N.C. State has made technical improvements to its online infrastructure in the past several years. As such, the original project is no longer available. A summary of the project via Adobe Spark has been provided in its place.

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