Durham Bulls Employee Awards

Summer 2018-2021

Awarded Hospitality Employee of the Year for 2018, Guest Services Employee of the Homestand and Guest Services co-Employee of the Year for 2019 by the Durham Bulls, and co-Employee of the Year in 2021.

Featured by N.C. Museum of Art

Summer 2021

A photograph taken on site at the North Carolina Museum of Art was featured on all social platforms for the museum, which was seen by hundreds of viewers.

Featured on The Bulls of Durham

Summer 2020

Two photographs were featured as part of the Durham Off the Beaten Path Photography Contest, hosted by The Bulls of Durham. The photographs appeared on the organization’s website and social media channels. The contest itself allowed anyone in the world to view and vote for the photographs.

Photography in N.C. State Alumni Association Calendar

Fall 2018

A photograph, entitled “Light at the End of the Tunnel,” was chosen to be featured in the 2019 N.C. State Alumni Association Calendar that is sent out to members of the association.

Featured on hitRECord

Fall 2013

A photograph taken of a clarinet was used in a video from hitRECord as well as the cover photo of a project challenge developed by company founder, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Throughout its history, hitRECord has partnered with creatives around the world and its work has been featured at events such as Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. I continue to be a contributor on the platform.

N.C. State Fair Photography Exhibition

Fall 2009-2021

Select photographic works have been exhibited for several years in the Kerr Scott Building at the N.C. State Fair. The photos competed alongside professional and amateur artists and have been viewed by millions of visitors throughout the 11-day run of the fair each year.

Blog Post for Vybe Sunglasses

Spring 2014

A piece written about local startup business, Vybe Sunglasses was one of several recognized by the company alongside established media outlets such as Triangle Business Journal and N.C. State’s Technician.

N.C. State Diversity Symposium Presenter

Spring 2013

One of three students selected to make a presentation on diversity in coaching at the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Diversity Symposium on campus. The project was presented to department faculty members and distinguished guests.

Photo Courtesy: Jason Leung