Au Revoir, 2016!

I'll just go ahead and say it: 2016 sucked.

Maybe it's been okay for you, but I can't say the same. There haven't been many bright spots in my life this year. Heck, in the world. For starters, I never realized the amount of change my life was in for at the beginning of this year. I had to grow up fast as I lost both my grandmother and dad, just four months apart from each other.

My Friday Five: On The NFL’s Problem & Apple

Photo: Chris White 1. The NFL Disgrace The first game of the regular season wrapped not even 24 hours ago and the NFL has already got a big problem on its hands. In Thursday night's game pitting the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos, there were several helmet-to-helmet hits from various Broncos players to Panthers' [...]

My Friday Five: Scotty Book Tour & Parting ‘Castle’ Thoughts

Photo: Chris White 1. Scotty's Book Tour Stops in Garner Season 10 American Idol champ - and Garner, N.C. native - Scotty McCreery made a stop in his hometown last Saturday afternoon in support of his new book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream. Garner was Scotty's final stop on a multi-city [...]