A Full Circle Moment

You know, this wild ride that is called life can be a beautiful thing.

About three years ago, I tuned in to America’s Got Talent like I had before. There was a performer on the show named Christian Stoinev. His act and showmanship really impressed me and he easily became one of my favorites. He finished as a top-12 finalist that season and I’ve continued following his journey after that time, becoming what I guess you could call “social media pals” with him and having several convos on Twitter.

My Friday Five: On A Message About Bullying, State Fair Photo Competition & Apple’s Keynote

1. Amazing Message on Bullying

A few months ago, I saw a video in the "Trending" section on YouTube. It was of a kid, named Luke Chacko, singing "Let It Go" at an Idina Menzel concert. Let's get this straight, he didn't just sing it, he SANG it. There's a difference. Ellen DeGeneres invited Luke to be a guest on her show this week, where he reprised his remarkable "Let It Go" performance and delivered an incredible message on bullying. Take a look!

My Friday Five: On A Beautiful Story, Wassabi Merch & NBA Draft

1. A "Positive Contribution"

This is a cool story! 

Oxford University lent a historic violin to a budding musician living as a Syrian refugee. 14-year-old, Aboud Kaplo, was forced out of his home in Aleppo, Syria and now lives in Lebanon, according to the BBC. Filmmaker and former student of the Oxford music faculty, Susie Atwood, came across Aboud and his family while making a film about Syrian Christian refugees and not only noticed his passion for music but his lack of an instrument as well.

My Friday Five: On Sesame Street & DNC Follies

Add caption 1. O-U-T-R-A-G-E This post is brought to you buy the letters O and U for outrage and unbelievable. I happened to be on Twitter on Thursday and noticed Sesame Street was trending worldwide. Come to find out, the bigs at Sesame Workshop (let's not kid ourselves, HBO probably had a say in it) decided [...]