My Friday Five: On A New Year, Ted Valentine & ‘The Fosters’

1. A New Year

The first Friday of 2018! You’re here. You made it.  We had a nice little treat here in North Carolina in the form of SNOW! I’m a huge fan of snow just as long as it’s only snow (I don’t mess with freezing rain and sleet). In any case, I hope you’ve all had a great start to your year. Thanks for sticking with me and my blog as I have some great things planned for 2018! Now, enjoy the rest of this Friday Five.

My Friday Five: On The Olympics, UNC Players Returning & Bulls’ Continuing Dominance

1. Los Angeles to Host 2028 Olympics

Los Angeles officials have reportedly reached an agreement to bring the Olympic Games back to the city in 2028. According to a report from Rachel Axon at USA Today, the agreement would allow for Paris to host in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. As per the agreement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would provide funding not only for The Games but also to youth programs in the area, among other things. According to the report, the Los Angeles city council and the United States Olympic Committee board of directors will convene in August to discuss approving the bid. If approved, the IOC will confirm the host cities at meetings this September.

I know it's 10 years away, but attending the Olympics has always been a bucket list item for me. It would be so awesome to witness The Games in person!

My Friday Five: On Arts Advocacy, NCAA Tourney & Marcus Paige

1. Arts Advocacy Day

The 30th annual Arts Advocacy Day took place this week. This is a time where artists and supporters of the arts alike from around the country come together to argue the importance of the arts in our society. Arts Advocacy Day includes several events in Washington, D.C. and is spearheaded by Americans for the Arts. With the Trump Administration's budget proposal calling for a defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts, this Arts Advocacy Day is probably the most pivotal one yet. As an artist myself, I shared a personal story in an effort to argue the importance of the arts not only in my own life but our nation as well. I encourage you to check it out.