My Friday Five: Meeting Roddy Chong & A Cool N.C. State Story

Photo: Chris White 1. Roddy Chong at Grey Stone As I mentioned in last week's post, violin virtuoso, Roddy Chong, visited my church on Sunday to speak and perform. After the service, he held a performance workshop that delved into specific principles of performing, from on stage to even making a speech. Roddy is an [...]

My Friday Five: A Final Nash Next Update & Bringing Back Memories

Photo: Chris White 1) Carolina Football This is the first time in Lord knows when - a.k.a. not in my lifetime - that both the Carolina Football and Basketball teams are ranked in the Top 10. Football is ranked 10th in the College Football Playoff rankings while basketball is ranked 9th in the Coaches and [...]

My Friday Five: Life Happenings, Update Central & Panthers Pounding

Photo: Chris White This week's list has a mix of things going on in my own life, my final take on the 2015 State Fair and some sports. Check it out! 1) Principal of the Year! I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and happened upon a story by local station, WRAL, [...]