NMM: Cosmos & Creature

This week's new music feature is all about a duo that's doing big things right away in its young existence. Founded in 2014, Cosmos & Creature is a progressive pop duo based in Los Angeles, Calif. The name comes from the idea of how big the universe is, how small we are and how it works together in perfect harmony. The music taps into this ideal in a creative and beautiful way. This has resulted in a solid social media following and millions of streams on Spotify.

NMM: Kuizz & Daniel Matthias

I'm always up to discover new music for my readers to listen to. Last week, I received an email from an artist named Daniel Matthias requesting me to feature a tune he created in collaboration with fellow artist, Kuizz Shah. Let me be honest for a second. This is the first time I've received a special request to feature a song. I normally choose new music that I've found by looking through iTunes, etc. The email came as a bit of a surprise but I was pretty darn honored to be asked to do a feature. That means other people are seeing my work on this blog and it truly does mean a lot. I hope my words, here, will do the song justice.