My Friday Five: On Panthers’ Woes, ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two & Changing Times

1. Panthers’ Woes

Tisk, tisk, tisk. The Carolina Panthers are 4-3 and are on a two-game losing streak. The long and short of it is the offense sucks. Period. It's not on just one player. It's as a unit. I've said for quite some time now that offensive coordinator, Mike Shula, needs to be fired. There's been no such move from the Panthers organization yet and that's leaving many fans, myself included, restless and frustrated. I personally believe this team is better than its 4-3 record. It's a true shame and I've come to the conclusion that I'll never see the Panthers win a Super Bowl.

Au Revoir, 2016!

I'll just go ahead and say it: 2016 sucked.

Maybe it's been okay for you, but I can't say the same. There haven't been many bright spots in my life this year. Heck, in the world. For starters, I never realized the amount of change my life was in for at the beginning of this year. I had to grow up fast as I lost both my grandmother and dad, just four months apart from each other.

My Friday Five: On Some Sports Stories & Christmas Giving 2K16

1. Carolina PanthersWhat can I say? The Carolina Panthers are pretty much out of playoff contention after losing its seventh game of the season on Sunday. The team is now 4-7 with five games to go and will face Seattle this Sunday night.I tell you what I will say. I'm tired. Tired of this season [...]