My Friday Five: On Friends, ‘Code Black’ & A Stranger Things Night Recap

1. Musings on Being a True Friend

I wanted to kick things off on this Friday with something that has been on my mind a lot as of late. A reminder, if you will, to not only be kind to your friends but be a true friend as well. If you’re a real one, don’t just come around when you need something and act like everything is all hunky-dory. Ask the person how he or she is doing. If you haven’t talked in a while, see what’s new in the person’s life. Offer to meet with them for lunch or offer to hang out. It really goes a long way.

Dear Bill Leslie

In the 26 years I’ve been on this earth, my family and I have always turned to WRAL’s unrivaled reporting and you, as an incredibly talented journalist.

Bill, you have been a fixture in broadcasting and our community for more than three decades. From your start as a “whippersnapper” in the business, as you described yourself on the WRAL special that aired Thursday night, to being a recipient of multiple awards for your work, it has undoubtedly been an outstanding career.

What A Week

Beautiful weather, outstanding golf, and meeting my favorite players. It all made for an exciting time in Charlotte at the 2018 Wells Fargo Championship.

This was my second visit to Quail Hollow Club and it is one of the more beautiful courses out there. Having perfect weather is always a plus as well and there was plenty of it to be had down in the Queen City.