There's a song in Lin Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical, In The Heights, entitled "Enough." The number comes in Act II of the musical when Camila finally reaches her tipping point as her daughter, Nina, and husband, Kevin, argue about various issues. The song has popped into my head a lot due to the craziness that has been going on in our country as of late. The bickering, finger-pointing, disregard for human life and hating another person just because they do not look like you or they have different beliefs than you.

I Met Gaten Matarazzo!

I teased in yesterday's blog about going to my first ever Raleigh Supercon - or "con" of any type for that matter - but there was a special reason. I can now reveal that the reason was I had the opportunity to meet Gaten Matarazzo! You may know Gaten as Dustin Henderson on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things but he has also acted on stage in Les Miserables and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Several months ago, I found out through the power of social media that Gaten was going to be a guest at Supercon this year. I'm a huge Stranger Things fan, so I was totally down to go and meet him.

My Friday Five: On A Beautiful Story, Wassabi Merch & NBA Draft

1. A "Positive Contribution"

This is a cool story! 

Oxford University lent a historic violin to a budding musician living as a Syrian refugee. 14-year-old, Aboud Kaplo, was forced out of his home in Aleppo, Syria and now lives in Lebanon, according to the BBC. Filmmaker and former student of the Oxford music faculty, Susie Atwood, came across Aboud and his family while making a film about Syrian Christian refugees and not only noticed his passion for music but his lack of an instrument as well.

My Friday Five: On Changes, NCAA Baseball & A ‘Sister Sister’ Reboot(?)

1. Changes

Hopefully you had a chance to check out my latest post. I like to write posts regarding my life experiences so far, and I do just that, here. The post is called "Changes" and is, more or less, a refelection on the past year of my life - which has been crazy to say the least. I encourage you to read it and then come back here and continue reading the "Friday Five" - I won't judge. 🙂 

My Friday Five: On History For UNC Teams, ‘Survivor’ Finale Thoughts & iPhones Saving Lives

1. UNC Men's Tennis

For the first time in school history, UNC Men's Tennis earned a berth in the Final Four and the National Championship! The Heels held off top seed Wake Forest to advance to the Final Four before falling just short to Virginia in the National Championship match. Despite coming up short, what a remarkable season. Way to go Heels!