Christmas Giving 2k17

It's hard to believe that Christmas is upon us. For the past few years, I've made it a tradition to give back to my community - and the world at large - especially during the holiday season. I also try to choose a different cause to give to each year. A friend on Twitter mentioned about Daymaker, an organization that partners with local charities to provide much needed assistance to those who are less fortunate, primarily focusing on kids and families across the country. The organization has created a simplistic platform for people, just like you and me, to give. 

A Full Circle Moment

You know, this wild ride that is called life can be a beautiful thing.

About three years ago, I tuned in to America’s Got Talent like I had before. There was a performer on the show named Christian Stoinev. His act and showmanship really impressed me and he easily became one of my favorites. He finished as a top-12 finalist that season and I’ve continued following his journey after that time, becoming what I guess you could call “social media pals” with him and having several convos on Twitter.

Thanks, AP

"Out for the season." That's a designation no athlete wants by his or her name. Especially if they are in their senior season.

UNC’s Austin Proehl received that designation after the Duke game in September. The senior wide receiver suffered a broken left clavicle during a flea flicker play in the game. I’ll never forget seeing that play and being excited for “AP” - as I call him - on making a great catch. That excitement turned into concern as he never returned to the game. I knew something was up.


There's a song in Lin Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical, In The Heights, entitled "Enough." The number comes in Act II of the musical when Camila finally reaches her tipping point as her daughter, Nina, and husband, Kevin, argue about various issues. The song has popped into my head a lot due to the craziness that has been going on in our country as of late. The bickering, finger-pointing, disregard for human life and hating another person just because they do not look like you or they have different beliefs than you.

I Met Gaten Matarazzo!

I teased in yesterday's blog about going to my first ever Raleigh Supercon - or "con" of any type for that matter - but there was a special reason. I can now reveal that the reason was I had the opportunity to meet Gaten Matarazzo! You may know Gaten as Dustin Henderson on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things but he has also acted on stage in Les Miserables and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Several months ago, I found out through the power of social media that Gaten was going to be a guest at Supercon this year. I'm a huge Stranger Things fan, so I was totally down to go and meet him.