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The Latest From Reflections

Starting My Own Print Shop

If you’ve followed me throughout the years, you know I have a passion for photography. And while I still have things to improve on, it’s pretty dope to see how I’ve developed my skill. Opening an online shop to sell prints of my work has always been a goal for me. Whether I make $2 […]

NMM: Christian Sparacio

This week’s feature is on the talented Christian Sparacio. Hailing from Marlboro, N.J., Sparacio is the middle of two brothers. According to his bio, it was when Sparacio joined the chorus in high school that he brought his talents to the forefront for audiences to enjoy. His style of music can be described as a […]

Making My Day

I walked to the mailbox Wednesday and, to my complete surprise, laid the envelope I sent with a note to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fan mail address. Inside, a photo I sent him and politely asked to autograph – now donning his signature. It had only been a couple months and, to be honest, I had kinda […]