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The Latest From Reflections

A New Beginning

I’m writing this with less than 15 hours until our country inaugurates a new president and vice-president. You’re reading it with just three hours to go until we have a new administration. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office amidst several crises in our nation. From a pandemic that has been poorly managed to […]

NMM: The Wonderful Nobodies

It was a jam session on a Friday night that sparked the creation of my next featured artists. The Wonderful Nobodies is a trio comprised of longtime friends Seth Taylor, Lacy Green and Aaron Williams, who hail from the Appalachian region of Virginia and North Carolina. According to a bio, the three have individually written […]

An Assault On Our Republic

I, like many of you, was floored by what I witnessed on Wednesday afternoon at the United State Capitol Building. It was truly horrifying to see rioters waltzing right into the Capitol, strolling through the Rotunda like tourists on any given day. From there, seeing them storm their way inside the Senate chamber, scale the […]