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The Latest From Reflections

On NC State Baseball

A family member once said, “God don’t like ugly.” What transpired on Saturday regarding the NCAA’s decision to expel N.C. State from the 2021 College World Series was the epitome of ugly. The NC State Baseball team was kicked out of the College World Series in the wee hours of Saturday morning due to what […]

Meeting Robs10kFriends

One guy sets out to make 10,000 new friends, meeting to connect with them one-on-one for an hour each. No agenda, just to talk about pretty much whatever. Tall task, right? That’s exactly what Rob Lawless (aka Robs10kFriends) has decided to do – and he’s made it his mission to complete. Currently, Lawless sits at […]

NMM: Tristan Bushman

This week, I’m featuring a new tune from one of my pals, Tristan Bushman. Bushman is no stranger to the blog (see NMM: Sadie Hawkins) and it’s pretty neat how he and I became homies. Once again, through the power of social media. Being raised in a family rich with musical talent, Bushman quite literally […]