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Country ‘Idol’?

The Season 20 finale of American Idol aired on Sunday, with the top three contestants vying for the crown. In the top three were HunterGirl, Noah Thompson, and Leah Marlene. The latter of which being the sole non-country representative. Many believed this would be a year a woman won the show and with good reason, […]

NMM: Casper

We’re going international for this week’s New Music Monday spotlight. Hailing from the Netherlands, Casper is a multi-talented artist. From content creating, to writing and producing his own music. Now, Casper is back with a brand new bop for the summer. “You” is all the part cruise-y and upbeat, but also has some pretty darn […]

The Main Event

In an occurrence that many thought could not or would not happen, North Carolina faced Duke in the Final Four on Saturday night. The arch rivals have met countless times, but never in the NCAA Tournament until now. The talk all season has been Duke coach Mike Kryzewski’s final season before retirement. It has been […]