NMM: Casting Crowns

Photo: Chris White

This Grammy and Dove Award-winning band is no stranger to making hits.

I’ve been a fan of Casting Crowns since middle school. From the band’s self-titled album in 2003 to Lifesong a couple years later, I’ve always loved how the band’s music is not just a bunch of songs. Those songs tell stories.

The band was formed in 1999 by youth pastor, Mark Hall, as part of the youth group at First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Fla. Hall served as lead vocalist and more members joined once Hall moved to Georgia. Casting Crowns currently has seven members: Hall, Juan DeVovo, Chris Huffman, Megan Garrett, Melodee DeVovo, Brian Scoggin and Josh Mix.

The band is back with its seventh studio album – Thrive – which, in my humble opinion, is some of its best work since The Altar and the Door in 2007. All of the songs are great but there is one in particular that stuck out: “House of Their Dreams.” It’s a simple tune yet it contains such a powerful message. The song addresses how, as humans, we are so entrapped in the ways of society that we cannot even look past our closed doors and how God is always there to guide us through any troubles we encounter. A truly beautiful song. Mark Hall summed up the message of Thrive the best by saying, “Hard times are going to come, but God didn’t put you here just so you could survive through hard times. He put you here to thrive, to dig in and to reach out.”

Have a listen!

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