NMM: Miguel Dakota

Photo: Chris White

If you’ve been watching “America’s Got Talent” this season, you may be familiar with this talented dude.

Miguel Dakota was voted into the semifinals on season nine of the hit NBC reality competition last week after an incredible performance of The Beatles’ classic “Come Together” – bringing down the house at Radio City Music Hall in New York (check out the performance below).

Dakota’s voice can be described as bluesy and soulful. He definitely puts raw emotion in his performances as that has been apparent throughout his run on “America’s Got Talent” so far. Dakota’s ReverbNation bio notes that he was introduced to music by his parents at just 10 months old, attending his first New Orleans Jazz Fest. His love of and passion for music only grew from there. Before auditioning for the show, Dakota released an original song to iTunes, called “Light A Fire.” You can also listen to the full version of the song on ReverbNation.

I have a heck of a lot of respect for this guy. Being from a divorced family of my own, I know how tough that can be and I respect Dakota for choosing his family over himself. I hope – scratch that – I KNOW that he’ll go a long way. He deserves to.

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